Foolproof Wedding Gift Guide

Like my mother and grandmother before me, I’m an overgifter. If there’s a moderate chance an occasion calls for me to bring something special along, believe me, it’s already in the car.

Whether it’s a birthday or a Tuesday nothing is more fun to me than putting together the perfect package to commemorate a moment, and weddings are where I really shine. Here’s how you can, too …

The Artsy Fartsy Couple

These wild and free hipsters are usually pretty hard to buy for. They may not even have a registry because materialism isn’t what they’re about. That doesn’t mean they don’t want gifts, though.

The Gift: Custom Artwork

Find an artist you love and commission a portrait of “The Artsy Couple” and their french bulldog, Orzo, who is a rescue! Not sure where to find an artist? I know someone who is super easy to work with and would love to help you out with this …

Pricing on custom artwork varies, but be prepared to spend around $100. If you’re working with an independent artist be sure to give them enough time to finish the piece before the wedding (a few weeks at least!)

The Cocktailing Couple

Maybe you want to spend 600 bucks on their Antique Brass bar cart from Crate & Barrel (in which case please email me your address so I can invite you to my wedding in 7-10 years.) If not, here’s my favorite boozilicious way to celebrate “The Cocktailing Couple” without breaking the bank.

The Gift: Favorite Cocktail Starter Set

Gifting a couple everything they need to make their favorite cocktail (booze included) will make you the guest of honor at every wedding. The cost of this gift is totally up to you. Love the couple? Buy them a handle! Think they’re okay? A pint is probably good! Below are a couple of my go-to options.


  • Bulliet Bourbon $26

  • 4 oz bottle Angostura Bitters - $5

  • 2 rocks glasses - $10

  • Sugar Cubes - $2

  • Set of whiskey stones - $17


  • Titos Vodka

  • 6-pack Gosling’s Ginger Beer

  • Limes 2 Copper Mugs

Bonus points for getting someone with good handwriting to transcribe your favorite cocktail recipe on a pretty piece of stationery and including it in the gift.

The Adventurous Couple

My best friend got married last year and she is not easy to buy for. She and her husband do a ton of traveling, so they’re not really home to use the 3 waffle irons they ended up getting. Here are a couple options for your favorite globetrotters (that they’ll actually use!)

The Gift: Monogrammed Passport Holders or Luggage Tags

Find out if the bride is changing her name and monogram a set of passport holders or luggage tags for the Mr. & Mrs. Etsy has great options at a variety of price points to fit most any style. If the couple is family and you want to spend $$$ (or go in on the gift with a bunch of people), Shinola has beautiful passport covers that last a lifetime AND they monogram for free.

The Foodie Couple

These are my people. As a foodie myself, I love when a registry includes a mortar & pestle, immersion blender, and other ridiculous cooking equipment you have to google before using.

The Gift: Family Recipes

I like to stick pretty close to the registry for these people. Buy them the cooking utensil you deem the craziest within your price range. Then for the fun part ...

Write your favorite family recipes onto sweet little note cards (I love these by Rifle Paper Co.) Wrap the cooking utensil and stack of recipes together.

Not sure how to make your favorite family dishes off the top of your head? This gift idea is doubles as a GREAT EXCUSE to call your mom or grandma and catch up!

The Classic Couple

This couple loves all things traditional. Classic couples usually have a comprehensive registry of all the essentials, so it’s fun to shake things up a bit. Other people will get them their towels - find something on their registry that can double as a packing vessel (a bowl or cookie jar) and fill it with something special and useful …

The Gift: Custom Thank You Notes

This is the gift I bring to almost every wedding I attend. All newlyweds (with manners) need thank you notes and no one ever thinks to give them as a gift. Putting together the perfect thank you note kit is super simple. Couples appreciate the thought that goes into this (and the fact that they don’t have to think about buying another paper product, postnuptial.)

What to include (mix, match, and adjust quantities depending on price point)

  • Postcards/Notecards

  • Pens/Pencils

  • Envelopes

  • Stamps

  • Washi tape (to close envelopes)

  • Custom Return Address Stamp (Self-Inking, please! Etsy is a great source for this.)  

You can find custom thank you note options at Zazzle, Minted, Paper Source, and Amanda McKey Designs! Wherever you choose to get your notes, be sure to include your source in your package so the couple can purchase more if they need to!

Happy Gifting!