Amanda McKey Designs offers pretty paper goods and custom creations to party people everywhere!

From bespoke stationery and event invitations to ready-made art prints and beyond, AMD is dedicated to ensuring you’re supplied with something thoughtful for any occasion. 

(Even if the occasion is treating yourself!)

Work is made from scratch, by hand and produced in small batches or as part of a custom project.

Amanda McKey Designs are illustrated by Amanda Orr in her garage in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Moom and me enjoying bloodies at a tailgate 

Moom and me enjoying bloodies at a tailgate 




It's my middle name! "McKey" is also:

My grandma's maiden name, my mom's middle name, my cousin Bennett's middle name, and my cousin Maddie's middle name

My family also boasts three Jameses and countless Peters.

My favorite things

The last dog I've seen, lambs, Highland cows (google them), my nine best friends I've had since middle school + Sara, Harbor Springs, my fam, eating. 

Hi! I'm Amanda Orr and I'm the artist behind

Amanda McKey Designs


When I'm not doing something artsy I'm probably:

Eating cheese & drinking wine

Feeding my dog people food

Spending time with my people: a mix of 17 cousins, aunts, uncles, gfs, bfs, and our matriarch, Moom!



Moom is short for "Mooma" aka my grandma and favorite person. She's the reason I do anything artistic AT ALL. 

All nine of us cousins used to spend an individual week at Camp Mooma (creative name!) every summer. 

During my time at Camp Mooma, sweet, little Moom spent hours teaching me to sew, setting me up with an array of art supplies, and feeding me a portion of crêpes and Papa's Famous Chicken Wings equal to her love.

Although I gained an average of 8 lbs each summer at Camp, I left with a skillset that would keep me neck deep in messy projects for life (and a pocket full of cookies!)